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At HART, we're about helping you get things done better with hundreds of tools to power your lifestyle in or around your home. Whether vacuuming before guests arrive, demoing a kitchen wall, or building your kid's new bunk bed, our 20V tools make any job on your to-do list more manageable. From hand tools to 40V power, HART will help you work on your car, mow your lawn, and tackle any project in between. So go ahead and put your DIY skills to the test because when you do it yourself, #DoItWithHART.

20V 3/8” Impact Driver
20V 6-1/2" Circular Saw
20V Rotary Tool
20V String Trimmer
20V Brushless 1/2" Drill/Driver Kit
HART Tools 20v System, One Battery Powers All HART 20v Tools

One 20v Battery Powers All 20v Tools

Cordless, Compact, & Lightweight For User Comfort

Fade Free Power To Build, Repair, Or Maintain

HART Tools 20v Lithium Ion Battery
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We're here to give you the inspiration and know-how to complete any DIY project you've set your mind to. Browse our blog for complete sets of project plans tool usage information, buying guides, tips and more.

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We also partner with TV renovation star, Steve Ford, who shares plenty of inspiration, tips, and DIY know-how on his page. Check it out below.

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Is HART Tools owned by Walmart?

Walmart does not own HART Tools. HART Tools is a TTI brand! However, HART Tools are available for purchase exclusively at Walmart or online at Walmart.com.

Are HART Tools made in USA?

HART Tools are made all over the world including in the USA! The packaging of each tool will tell where it was made.

Are HART 20V and 40V batteries interchangeable?

Our 20V battery is compatible with our 20V tools, and 40V battery with our 40V tools.

Is HART coming out with new tools?

We are always expanding our lineup! Sign up for emails & follow us on our social platforms to stay updated!

What kind of warranty does HART Tools have?

All HART Tools are covered by warranty! Check out our warranty page for more information.


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